The craze and the popularity of watching movies have not ended, from the time it started up to this present time. Although the time when film started is not defined, the first film theatre or studio was built in 1897. Combining technology and popularity, movie watching has become available in many mediums, including online.

There are many websites where a person can freely watch movies and TV shows, as long as they have internet connection. These websites, like Putlockers, offer viewers with tons of movies from the past and recently released, hence the desire of people to check them out increases overtime.

Watching Movies Online Vs In Theatres

To watch a movie, you basically have two options, one, to watch in online and two, to watch it in theatres. Which one favors you the most? This article will let you know the differences of the two and why watching online is the better option.

  • Convenience

Between the two watching movies online is more convenient. The convenience comes in many ways, and they are not limited to the following:

  • Time

Time is important to anyone, and this is one of the usual reasons why people fail to watch the movie they want to watch. Because of online streaming and downloading, people were given the opportunity to watch movie or TV programs they want without issues.

Because of online movie or TV program streaming/downloading, people were given the opportunity to:

  • Take their time and not rush going to movie theatres to catch the movie schedules
  • Not wait on long queue to buy tickets and food
  • Stay at home and no need to travel going to thaters
  • Effort

When you watch online, the movie you want to watch is just right at your fingertip. You need not to move any parts of your body, as you can watch on your bed, click and play, as easy as that. Visit sites like omegle.

There is no need for you to prepare and dress up, you can watch while you are on your pyjamas. There is completely no effort to extend when watching movies online, unlike in theatres that you have to dress up, drive to the theater, wait on queue to buy tickets, drive back home and dress up again.

Watching movies online is indeed the best way to relax and have fun. No hassle, all good and relaxing time.

  • Savings

Here is a quick rundown of the expenses you have to pay when watching movies on theatres:

  • Transportation expenses (no need to travel when watching at home)
  • Movie tickets (it is free to download and watch movies on different movie and TV program streaming and downloading sites like Putlockers)
  • Snacks (you can eat any leftovers from last night dinner or any food at your pantry)

So, basically when you watch movies online, you almost need not spend any dollars. You can invite as many people as you want to watch with you, yet there is nothing that will go out of your pocket.

The money you save can be used with other more important expenditures. Having the opportunity to watch movies without the need to spend dollars is one of the reasons why people favour this option more. Before, people on strict budget missed to watch their favourite movies because they cannot afford to buy tickets, now there is no excuse for them not to enjoy watching as these movies are free and accessible over the internet. Invite as many as you want to watch movies with you, for sure, this is a great activity to bond with your family and friends.

  • Freedom

When you watch movies on theatres, there are a lot of restrictions you have to follow strictly or else, you may be asked to step out of the theatre. When you watch movies online, you will have the freedom to do almost everything you want, and to give you few of these are:

  • You can stop, play, pause and rewind the movie anytime you want. There is no one who can stop you doing so. Rewinding a favourite scene, pausing the movie to check on your cooking, and stopping because you completely do not like the movie you are watching are few of the things you can do without hesitations
  • Eating the food you like to eat. Some theatres do not allow food that is too smelly. They may have a valid reason doing so, hence someone who opts watching movie on theaters have no choice but to follow
  • You can laugh as much as you want, cry loudly, lie down in bed and so on. You do not need to be prim and proper when watching movies online. You have the freedom to watch anyway you want, what makes you comfortable and happy
  • You can choose who to sit beside you. If you want to be alone when watching a movie, then go ahead and do so, if you want to watch with your friends, then invite them over, if you want to watch a movie while your favourite dog is sitting beside you, by all means you can let him. Theatres are open to public, hence when someone noisy or smelly sits beside you; you have no choice but bear with it until the movie is over.

Having all the reasons stated above, there is no reason at all why you would not consider watching movies online. There are some who still prefer to watch in theatres because of huge screens, the feeling of being in theatres and so on. Needless to say, as long as you are enjoying, you are free to choose which way you want to consider.

There are many websites that offer free downloading and streaming of movies and TV programs. You just have to be sure that you choose the best one, so you can maximize all the benefits that you can get from considering this option.