If you do not want to have unpleasant surprises once you’ve already bought a used car, it’s very important that you do not get carried away by the appearance and you check it thoroughly and thoroughly. Do not acquire it without there being an authority or institution involved. Many car crimes are committed, which have left several people without a car and without money. Data issued by the capital police inform that due to the lack of intervention by institutions or authorities, risky financial transactions have been carried out; for this reason, used cars in Fontana recommend you consider the following points before selling your vehicle or purchasing one. Do not worry at used cars in Fontana; you will get the best car.

  • Go with individuals or agencies of pre-owned cars that offer written guarantees or batches that are endorsed by organizations
  • The enthusiasm may make you make rash decisions, so it is important to make sure the car meets your needs. Perform driving tests, so you know if it is comfortable and easy to handle.
  • He is aware of the extra expenses involved in a car. Many brands sell at an accessible price but the spare parts and services are high, which increases in the case of discontinued models.
  • Love is born from sight, but it is not convenient to let oneself be carried away by appearances. Thoroughly inspect the car. An indication that the vehicle has suffered mishaps is poorly worked paint, check backlight that there are no changes in the shade in different areas or rough finish.
  • Corrosion is a factor to consider, especially in used cars of more than 10 years because the rubbers of the door frames, trunk and glass begin to crack, allowing the passage of water and housing it inside the body. So that you do not receive surprises, check the lower part of the stirrups and posts of the doors, under the carpet in the trunk, and that the areas surrounding the engine drain do not show oxidation points.
  • Be careful with the frauds. In July of this year, the Attorney General of the Federal District (PGJDF) warned about the amount of fraud in the sale and purchase of used cars.
  • The prosecutor for the attention of the Crime of Vehicle Theft and Transportation of the PGJDF, Penelope Rojas Rodriguez explained that the criminals have detected a crack in the banking system. First, locate a car for sale and offer to buy it, use a cashier’s check or make a bank deposit, the victim does not detect irregularities because initially the money is reflected in your bank account.

As in few occasions we read the small letters of these checks in most of the times they say: “except good collection” which means that they deposited the amount but with the passage of two or three days, once they delivered the car with the papers and with the responsive letter the person has not realized that he has not received the payment yet because the check has no funds. The person who circulates with the car in reality without knowing it is committing the crime of concealment by a reception. It is worthwhile to be very clear about our budget, our preferences, to do a meticulous investigation and even some driving tests before defining what really fits what we need.

With the help of our Consumer Reports friends, we present you with a quick guide to what you should do once you decide to buy a used car.

  1. Know the real price of the car, from the depreciation, mileage, details, use, status and value in the books.
  2. Prepare a questionnaire with the questions you want to answer about the vehicle.
  3. Do not reveal your exact budget because you will only make the seller “adjust” to him and leave you penniless.
  4. Keep the theme in the characteristics of the car you are seeing, do not let the seller distract you with stories and anecdotes.
  5. Take your time, check everything you need and do not leave any out, there is no hurry to spend your money, right? You will get the best at used cars in Fontana!
  6. Prepare to “retire”, with this we mean to make a fair offer that if it is not accepted, look for another option or, serve to press the closing of the negotiation.
  7. Check the history of the car and not only by what the seller says.
  8. Take the car to a certified mechanic before signing the purchase contract and in case of needing repairs, deduct them from the offer.
  9. Do not let yourself be surrounded by unnecessary expenses such as glass dyeing, changes in rubber that only make the car more expensive.
  10. Get a secured financing if you need it, so you will not have solvency problems.

Limits and sticking to them at used cars in Fontana!

Suppose you have decided to buy a car and you already know if it is going to be a new or used car. So now you should ask yourself how much money are you willing to pay?

It helps a lot to establish certain limits:

  • The price calculated on your income – for example, a car should not cost more than 8 months of your income/salary
  • The down payment (cash) – for example, minimum 50% down payment and 50% off a car loan.
  • A loan term – for example, a term of no more than 2 years.

It is very important to have everything calculated and the limits set before going to a car agency. This way you will be less likely to make an impulse purchase, not necessarily rational. You will also be better prepared to negotiate the price. Consider if you really want to buy a car that you will have to work for years to pay for it. For example, are you ready to dedicate 5 years of life to buy a car? Some people do it, without thinking about the consequences. Then, define your own limits and stick to them. We will serve everything at used cars in Fontana.