Managing a truck business is a job involving tension and needs expert management. There are many concerns to worry about and especially keeping an eye on the drivers is absolutely necessary. You have to take care of many things like, whether the truck is taking the right route or not, what is the speed of the vehicle, which route is more fuel efficient and other issues which are sufficient enough to rob you of night’s sleep. But don’t worry, with Best Truck GPS all these problems vanish in a matter of seconds as it enables you to monitor everything you want to know when your truck is on the route to a destination. What you should know before buying truck GPS and what are the essential features

Being the owner of a single truck or a fleet of trucks, you need to know a few things and then compare on the basis of these qualities. Remember you are going to invest your hard earned money so the product you buy should be of first rate and fulfill the purpose for which you will spend your precious money on it. Here are some points which you need to know about :

  • Type of tracking system – active or passive?

There are two types of GPS devices for trucks available in the market and you can choose the one as per your convenience. Here are both of them for you :

  • Passive GPS tracking system: You can obtain the data form the tracker after the trucks land in the headquarters. They can record data of very short intervals like 30 seconds, and save them in the USB attached. For getting the data, the user will need a Wi- Fi hotspot and the USB in which data was being recorded when the truck was en route and will have to download the data for getting the facts. The best thing is that they have very large storage and you can store the data of 7 to 60 days and the same receiving device can be used for the whole trip. Due to large storage, dates of events may vanish and if the data exceeds the memory capacity, there are chances that it will be lost forever and you would not be able to retrieve anything.
  • Real time GPS for trucks: It sends real time data to the server and updates it simultaneously. The time of updates may vary from 15 seconds to 1 day. Since the data is updated in the real time on the server, in the Best Truck GPS there is no chance of precious data slipping away from your hands monitoring the vehicles will become very easy for you. The technology involved is super modern and a satellite modem is used for updates and alerts. A set frequency is used for the task and not single information skips your notice.
  • Money you are being charged for your new truck GPS: When you look at the cost vs. yield graph, you will find that Best Truck GPS is the highest yielding thing among all your investments. If a truck GPS seems costly to you, think about the money spent on the maintenance and purchase of the fleet. You will automatically understand the importance of surveillance and how much you require a GPS to monitor the movement of your vehicles. Different brands may have varying prices based on the features and you can compare to choose the best but, ultimately you have to buy one, so without wasting much time and risking your vehicle, buy and install one in each of the trucks in your fleet as soon as possible.
  • What do you want, portable or Non portable best ruck GPS? : There are many options available in the market and before you set out to choose, you should be aware of what you want. A portable GPS is one which can be easily carried everywhere. The other option is a non- portable GPS device for your truck which you will have to mount at a fixed place with the help of a stand or something. Both of them are very popular and available in the market and you can buy Best Truck GPS as per your arrangement.
  • Notifications and alerts: The Best Truck GPS notifies the owners about everything on their mail or via messages which eliminates the need to sit on the monitoring desk 24/7. You can take long breaks, go out for lunch or do multitasking as your GPS is monitoring the vehicles and if anything requires your attention, it will inform you via notification on your mail or text. With the help of Best Truck GPS you can guide the drivers about their routes while sitting in the control room and can check all sorts of speed variations and activities.
  • Automatic updates of traffic density: This is the most wanted feature in the Best Truck GPS. This is very useful and with its help you can skip traffic. When the GPS alerts you of increased traffic density, you can ask your driver to take another route. This has multiple benefits like it saves your time and the fuel is also conserved. This helps you to deliver on time and which fetches regular customers. You get more orders and the business progresses with lightning speed. All this results in increased profit for you and you can make huge bucks by continuing the same.

There are lots of products lying in the market which are designed to deceive you. The best solution is to rely in your own instincts and manage your trucks with full care and surveillance. Ensure that your truck is always installed with truck GPS and the drivers get no chance to lie to you. Choose the traffic less way and guide the driver sitting in the control room.

Relax and never let your truck move away from your focus with the help of Best Truck GPS and keep your fleet safe.