What clothes are suitable for the office? How to get your look right for a date after matching on Tinder? What to bring to the beach bar? We have all the plans (and their corresponding outfits) for hot days.

At this point in the summer, surely you already know by heart what are the trends that go with you and those that don’t, you’ve got all the essentials and you’re even taking advantage of the sales to buy what you had left in the inkwell. Now the next step is to make magic with all those clothes you have. And how is it done? In this case, success lies in the ability you have to combine the garments with each other and, depending on the plan you have or the effect you want to achieve, you will do it one way or another. Have you already lost? Don’t worry, here we have put together five looks for five different plans with which you will have covered every day of summer. To go to the office, to spend a weekend in the city, for a day at the beach and a beach bar, or for that date you’ve been waiting for a long time. Whatever you do, follow these style formulas and you will be guaranteed success.

A Day At The Office

summer fashion

After so many months and with the holidays just around the corner, it is more than likely that these last few weeks getting dressed every morning has been more tedious than usual. Take the opportunity to give your work looks a more holiday air and thus escape a little from the routine. Do it by combining your suit with a more informal garment like a denim shirt and with shoes that make you feel on vacation without losing that formal point.

For A Weekend In The City

While you wait for that getaway to the beach or the mountains, the city awaits you, and summer weekends are perfect for making thousands of plans and not stepping foot in your house. For these days when you enjoy concerts, bars, shopping and museums, bet on a comfortable, fresh and cosmopolitan look. A white shirt, oversize Bermuda shorts, and good sandals will be all you need to make a difference.

From The Beach To The Beach Bar

The weekend has finally arrived or, better yet, the holidays and the time has come to step onto the sand. For these days in which we make the most of the time and that begin on the beach and can end late at night in a beach bar, bet on the infallible formula: swimsuit, Hawaiian shirt, sandals, and beach bag. Between the desire to have fun and this look, nothing can go wrong.

For A Music Festival

Summer is synonymous with the beach, ice cream, beach bar, and… music. That of the dozens of festivals that are celebrated these days. If you already have the subscription to see your favorite groups, all you have to do is choose the look. In this case, if you want to be comfortable and show that you are up-to-date in terms of trends, bet on clothes that seem to be taken from the 90s and with a lot of personalities: printed pants, a t-shirt with a logo, retro-style sneakers and some stand out accessory like futuristic sunglasses. There will be no song that can resist you.

On That Special Date

Reunion dinner with your pigtails or a date with that match on Tinder. Any celebration deserves a look that rises to the occasion. For those special nights, play with formal garments and bold prints to give your style a different vibe. Suit pants, with your favorite flower shirt and dress shoes without socks. Remember that less is more but always with a touch of design that makes the difference.

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