We come across many people who talk about the need for inversion table and the various benefits it offers. So what exactly are these tables and why is there so much excitement and happiness around it. Let us try and find out the answers for the same for the benefit of those who are keen on trying out these inversion tables for a host of reasons. Put in plain and simple words, when you spend time and choose the best inversion table you are basically helping yourself to some relief from chronic back pain, joint pain, stiff spinal cord and other such problems. This helps you with a therapy where you can stay suspended upside down for quite a few minutes.

The main objective of such inversion therapy is to relieve you from back pain and various other ailments pertaining to the nerves, joints, muscles, tissues and bones. It is often considered to be one of the best short term approaches for managing of back pain and various other such ailments, a few of which have been mentioned above. There are some research studies which point out to the fact that this inversion therapy could be useful in helping you to take pressure off the spine. It could also help the vertebrae to expand and open up naturally and improve overall blood circulation. However, on the other side of the spectrum, there is no denying the fact that there are many who are skeptical about its benefits. They believe that the risks are far more than the benefits. It may not be the safe way forward for everyone and those with hypertension and glaucoma should stay away from it. Let us therefore try and find out more about inversion tables for the benefit of our readers.

It Could Work For Healthy People

According to studies conducted by the American College of Physicians, inversion therapy could be helpful for people with normal health but it is still not sure whether it compares favorably with other forms of treatments for achieving the same objectives. These objectives including pain management, vertebrae strengthening, improving flexion and strengthening muscles amongst other.

How Does It Work

When you use inversion table, you are getting into what is known as inversion therapy. You are suspending your body upside down and you use the table as a support for getting into this position and staying that way. It would be pertinent to mention here that those who are good at yoga and are physically healthy, perform this exercise without the help of these machines. This is one of the important postures in yoga and it is referred to as Sirsasana (putting your body upside down). There is a theory behind this form of therapy. When the feet is above the head, it is believed that you could be in a position to reverse the impact of gravity on the body. When our body is exposed to gravity for long periods of time, it could lead to compressions of joints, bones, and muscles. It also could lead to the bones of back compressing the spine as days, years and decades progress. This leads to chronic back pain.

How Does it Help

When you choose the right inversion therapy using the right inversion table and do it under able guidance, you perhaps could decompress the spine. It is akin to a gentle massage or getting into a mode of physical manipulation of the spine. It could lead to substantial relief from various symptoms include chronic back pain, which for many people could be debilitating and even perhaps excruciating. However, as mentioned above, it is always important that inversion therapy is done only under the guidance of a qualified doctor.

Different Types Of Inversion Therapy

Before choosing the best inversion therapy, it would be a good idea to have some basic idea about the different types of inversion therapies. There is no denying the fact that you require special equipment for doing this therapy. These include specialized chairs, gravity boots and tables. As mentioned earlier, a person can also try this inversion therapy without equipment by mastering certain yoga exercises and poses. Inversion tables are important for performing this therapy. They are also referred to as swiveling tables and these help a person to hang upside down safely and securely. The head is made to rest on a bed. It is perhaps about mimicking a standing position but with the body upside down. You can do your research and buy various types and models on inversion tables online.

Other Equipment

Additionally you also may need to buy inversion chairs. The person is tied to the chair and the chair is turned upside down. Some people like to stay upside down in a sitting position because it presumably puts less pressure on the joints of the leg. Further there are many who also use gravity boots. They are basically sturdy ankle boots. They allow a person to stay dangling upside down by their feet. These boots are known to provide improved maneuverability and freedom when compared to other inversion equipment.

If you wish to try out other exercises instead of inversion therapy, you would do better to get in touch with an expert yoga instructor. They would be able to suggest other exercises such as shoulder stands, plow or dolphin pose and even headstands. You should not try them on your own and always take the help of an experienced yoga instructor.

What Benefits Does It Offer

There are many propagators of inversion therapy who believe that it offers quite some benefits. It is known to improve spinal health and those with back pain and other spinal problems have seemingly benefitted from this therapy. It could help to keep the body upright and this could ease compression of the spine caused by gravity which muscles are subjected to. It is known to offer short and symptomatic relief from back pain, muscle stiffness and other such problems. Hence, it certainly comes with some benefits though the risks should also be evaluated.