Knowing the main SEO tips to drive traffic to your website from Google is key to boosting the success of any business.

Did you know that according to the Alexa 2020 report, more than 50% of quality traffic reached business websites through search engines?

And that it is estimated that a business website with good SEO can capture 93% of its traffic from searches on Google and other search engines?

These are key because they are directing quality traffic to your website, and interested in what they are going to show you.

SEO tips to boost your business

Starting With An SEO Audit Is Starting From The Beginning

SEO specialist

If you don’t know what SEO mistakes you’re making, how are you going to correct them?

You need to do an SEO audit of your website to check what is wrong. You may have a beautiful web design but it is giving SEO problems. If you are using outdated practices or tactics. And what basic SEO issues do you need to address.

Of all the SEO tips we share today, this is the most important. Because for the others to be effective you need to improve the base on which they are already supported. That is, you must improve the website that already exists before optimizing future content.

Test The SERP Results

Do you know what SERPs are? These are the results that Google shows. Also, the results are shown by other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, or Ecosia.

An SEO expert knows the importance of testing them. Check what results appear with the keywords you want to position your website. And identify which words you can add or modify to get your target audience to find you.

If you are a small local business you can include “near me”.

Words like “reviews” or “opinions” can bring the public closer to your content.

Make Small Changes In The Way You Express Yourself

Do you express yourself with the same language that your target audience uses?

Small changes can mean big improvements. Saying the same thing with a cultured, youthful, or colloquial language, or with a specific professional jargon is different.

And it is key to being found by your ideal target audience.

Add action or emotion words to your SEO descriptions or headlines. It is one of the SEO tips that you can implement without being an SEO expert that can help you the most to get clicks when connecting with the user.

Incorporate EAT Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy, One Of The Effective Tricks Of An Expert SEO

Do you know EAT? It is one of the most effective advanced SEO tactics. It is based on experience, authority, and trust.

  • Prioritize content from reliable, credible, and serious sources always related to what you want to express.
  • Identify an author on your blog pages.
  • Strive for positive reviews and natural quality backlinks.
  • Be clear on your “About” page.
  • If you have an online store, be clear about your privacy policy and your return policy

Create Content In Relation To Search Intent

Paying attention to search intent is one of the most important SEO tips today.

How do achieve it?

  • Investigate what questions your target audience is asking and create content answering them.
  • Use long-tail keywords to make it clearer what your content is about.
  • Do not shorten or lengthen the length of your content just because, adapt it to what is needed in each case to respond to the search intent.

Base Your Website On HTML

If you are using Javascript and Ajax, limit their use.

As simple as that? And it is. Every SEO expert already takes it into account. Do it for you too.

Use Core Web Vitals On Your Website

This is one of the tools that help an expert SEO in his work. It will also help you.

The tool’s report tells you what is going well or what is failing and helps you create a list of actions to take to improve the SEO of your website. With issues like likely load, user experience rating, and visual stability.

Clean Broken Links, One Of The Basic SEO Tips For Any Website

Broken links affect the SEO of your website. Also redirects and 404 errors. They need to be corrected.

How? To start you need a tool that identifies them. For example, SEMRush or Screaming Frog.

And once identified, remove or correct them.

Use Google Ads In Combination With Your SEO Strategy To Grow

SEM helps SEO. That is why one of the SEO tips from experts is to combine SEO and SEM strategies.

Through Google Ads, you can work on the greater recognition of your brand.

This helps build trust with the public. It encourages you to click on its content. And it makes it easy for you to include your name in some of your searches.

All this contributes to improving the authority of your page in the Google algorithm.

For that, create a suitable strategy to run Google Ads.

Create Powerful Launches Of Each New Content On Your Blog

Take advantage of launches to drive traffic to your website. This is not exactly a direct SEO tip. But it will have a very positive influence on your SEO. You must quickly index your content. And try to drive traffic to it quickly and massively.

  • Share the new publication on social networks immediately.
  • Create advertising campaigns with good segmentation to show it to the public you are interested in reaching.
  • Send a newsletter or create an email marketing campaign to showcase your new content.

Change Links On The Most Linked Pages Of Your Website, One Of The Most Effective SEO Tips For Businesses

Use a tool like Majestic to find out which are the most linked pages on your website.

Go to each of them and identify how to naturally introduce internal links to other content on your website that you want to position. And create those links.

Update Yourself Through A Well-Defined Strategy

Use Google Analytics to identify which pages of your website have barely received visits in the last half year.

Update them.

Or redirect from them to other pages with new content.

How to update them? To be effective you don’t need to rewrite it completely. You can add additional updated information. Change the introduction. Or add new backlinks, for example.

If you are looking for effective SEO tips, remember the importance of updating your content.

Get Rid Of Low-Performing Content, One Of The Best SEO Tips For Businesses And Companies

Scarce, outdated, or poor content makes no sense on your website. If it has no purpose or quality, it should not be on your website. So you will have to remove it. Without contemplation.

Do you have several pages that deal with the same topic?

Evaluate if it is more effective to convert them into a single page.

Consider removing some of the similar content and modifying page titles.

Decide if you should redirect from the worst performer to the best performer.

You can classify each of your pages into three categories:

  • The ones you should keep.
  • The ones you need to improve.
  • The ones you should merge.

Create Specific Local Pages

Are you a local business or part of your business is local? Produce local-specific content to attract that type of traffic that is so important for your company. Local SEO is essential and you will need a Local SEO consultant to help you.

Do you work in several regions, cities, or countries? Create specific content alluding to work carried out in each of the geographical areas in which you operate.

Incorporate local keywords in your content.

Keep your presence on Google Maps. And optimize and take care of your local business listing on Google My Business every day.

Take advantage of local events and holidays to boost your local business online.

Use Content Clusters To Improve Seo And User Experience At The Same Time

Create pillar pages to group your content with well-defined hierarchies and internal links.

Web architecture and internal links are very important in the Google algorithm. In addition, they also facilitate user navigation.

At the same time, you will be working on SEO and improving the experience of the user who accesses your website.

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