The cool winds are blowing, indicating the start of winter. The beautiful weather makes you want to spend the whole day snuggled in your bed reading your favorite book or spend the day out with your friends, sipping hot coffee. If you intend to step out, step out in style. Winters are a great season to bring out the Fashionista in you. The sweater and stoles, the hats, and the pashmina are all waiting to be worn and shown the winter breeze! Read on to find out some winter fashion trends you could follow this year to end the year with a fashion bang…

  • Monochrome it up!

Winters suggest the use of dark colors like navy blue, blacks, dark greys, etc. However, you needn’t stick to these colors as a baby kangaroo sticks to its mother. Experiment around a bit; combine your whites and blacks to get a monochrome design. Pair up a black and white check skirt with a black blouse, add funky accessories to your attire and see the winters light up! If you are thinking of the prices, fret not as this festive season you could find several discounts that so many online shopping portals are offering!

  • Winter fabrics for you

The winter is a great time to bring out that leather jacket that you so love! The other fabrics that suit the season are denim, chiffon, wool, and cashmere. Pair up that jacket with a torn pair of denim, a plain t-shirt, a pair of ankle-length boots, and see heads turn! Or maybe pair up a long skirt with a full-sleeved blouse and high knee-length boots. Some people mistake winters to mean heavy fabrics, but the truth is that you can remain warm with soft fabrics too; you just need to find the right ones!

  • Sarees, the winter way!

If you thought that the winter fashion circuit had no place for Indian attires, you were wrong. Bring out your colorful silk sarees and pair them up with an elbow length blouse to rock the winter look! If you are susceptible to the winter chill, you drape a beautiful pashmina, or an embroidered shawl over one side of your saree to keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

  • Leg it with leggings

There are a lot of opaque tights with designs that you can team up with a pair of boots and a short dress. Or you could opt for tunics, warm sweater dresses to go with your pair of leggings.

  • Coats & jackets

You must absolutely invest in jackets or coats made of corduroy, denim, leather, or wool. It could be a long jacket, a shrug, or anything else that speaks fashion. You could team them up with boots (yes, they are hot winter favorites), and a plain tee, and some accessories for a chic look.

Get ready to greet winter fashion with these fashion tips and end your year looking extremely trendy!