Have you ever sat down to think about how the niche of your business affects your marketing strategy? Countless sellers who operate in different market niches face this same problem on a daily basis. The problem arises when you tend to follow a uniform strategy for all customers. Worried, need not worry, as Common Sense SEO will help you in every regard. The fact is that these days the competition has enhanced resulting in a competitive market, the only solution however is the best strategies that the Common Sense SEO renders.

To be a reference in your market you must first attract your target audience. For this Common Sense SEO performs a planning and development work that consists of the research and analysis of keywords and creation of attractive titles and descriptions, among other functions. Although sometimes we insist on complicating matters unnecessarily, the Web Positioning in itself is not excessively complex. But in most cases, it is a long and tedious process for which not everyone is prepared. Although this happens in virtually all fields, right?

For example, you can do the maintenance of your car yourself, or take it to the workshop. To do it yourself you need to learn the necessary steps, buy some tools, make one mistake, and most importantly: be consistent and make it a habit. That’s why there are workshops, and people specialized in maintaining your car. And that’s why we have Common Sense SEO, and all those that help individuals or businesses to position themselves on the Internet.

Can you do the SEO of your Web yourself?

Yes, of course, in the same way that you can do the maintenance of your car yourself.

But … will you do well?

If you do not have experience, you will most likely start to optimize your website without really knowing what SEO is, why you do what you do, and without having a clear objective. To perform a good web positioning, you have to know what you want to achieve, the means you have, and also how prepared your competition is. This means that you have to study both the possibilities of your page (if you already have it) and the weaknesses or strengths of your competitors. And this study, which can make the difference between success or failure, is what usually differentiates the professional. We have all been beginners in something, and we have all rushed to assemble a bookcase without reading the instructions, but look what the experts do: before starting read the instructions and prepare.

On the other hand, when you “do SEO” yourself you are at a disadvantage compared to competitors who work as a team, either with the help of an agency or with an internal team. If you have ever tried to do everything yourself (and I speak from experience) you know how frustrating it is to have a list of things that you know will be effective, but that you cannot do for lack of time.

Is SEO done only once?

Many people believe that positioning a website is a process that is done only at the beginning, and then it is no longer necessary. But unfortunately, in most niches where there is some kind of competition, this is not true. “Do SEO” is a constant job, since you are competing in a medium in continuous evolution and in which you have to be up to date: what works today (or is admitted) in Google tomorrow may be different. Most of the times you see a web appear on the first page of results, it is because there is work behind.

Additional tips for creating powerful content

Identify the correct medium. To capture users against, you must identify where they are, as each niche has a different audience and a different platform for your promotion. Find the right means to address the concerns of the dissenters. Do not worry the common Sense SEO will help you!

Let the title of your post say it all. The titles of the posts must be elaborated meticulously. When a user searches for answers on Google, YouTube or another platform, the title of your post should be able to convince them that they can answer their questions and awaken their desire to read the full publication.

Use convincing statistics. The statistics and demographics tested can help you win any content battle in your niche. If you include objective data, there is also a greater chance that your content will go viral.

Take advantage of the power of video marketing. Your opposing audience needs a detailed explanation of your products or services to clarify their ideas, vlogs are a great source of marketing and help position a company on the Internet. All you need is an animated video for companies that highlight the positive aspects of your niche and blur any negative misconceptions that the user has about it.

Connect your offline efforts with your online presence by Common Sense SEO:

Try to create an offline event as part of your marketing strategy and invite your target audience, both positive and negative. Next, try to connect your offline event with the online world. There are many ways to promote your event and social networks will play a vital role in doing so.

Did you know that 81% of users saw more videos live in 2017 compared to the previous year? Broadcast your event using live broadcast applications to let users know about your campaign. Periscope is an excellent and unique way to transmit your event to users of mobile devices. The good thing about Periscope is that it will also automatically share your post on your Twitter account. In addition, viewers can invite their friends to see your content. In addition to Periscope, there are many other live streaming platforms where you can promote your event-based content. And sometimes much more work than you think.