Invented in the mid-20th Century, Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid constituent that occurs naturally. It is a constituent of cannabis. Though initially it was not known to have any medicinal value, later it was known to have various health benefits. Though it is known to be present in marijuana, it is not psychoactive, and thus it does not get a person high or stoned. It does not provide intoxication. There are a lot of online stores as well as companies that are selling products containing CBD for its health benefits and healing power. One of the leading sites and articles that helps to understand the potential and current usage of CBD is cbdforsure’s pick for sleep.

What are the key benefits?

CBD has a lot of anecdotal value where it can be used for multiple purposes. CBD can be used in the form of liquid, gum, oils, ointment as well as food. People are in taking CBD in the form of food and gum to get sleep. Spa centers are using CBD oils for skin massage to reduce the rate of aging. It is also known to serve as a pain relief, in cases of muscle pain, headaches and inflammation. Tests on animals and humans in small groups have shown that CBD not only has anti-inflammatory characteristics but also anti-anxiety effects.

CBD as a cure for insomnia:

Cbdforsure’s pick for sleep has listed the name of the top 5 CBD oils for sleep and insomnia:

  • PureKana CBD Oil
  • CBD Pure hemp Extract
  • Elixinol CBD oil
  • Green Roads CBD Oil
  • CBD Essence

Whenever the CBD is spoken out there is a misconception that it is intoxicating as it is present in marijuana. The truth is that there are two distinct chemicals that are present in marijuana and those are CBD and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. The THC component has the intoxicating effect or the effect of getting high. Whereas CBD does not have any such effects. Thus, the world anti-doping agency has removed the name of this component from its list.

Primary causes of improper sleep:

The body is essentially a machine that recoups and replenishes when it is sleeping. All the important life-supporting activities are on but they all occur at a very low level such that they can re-energize for the next day. This is required primarily for the body to optimally function as well as for it to maintain and build its immunity. With the lack of this sleep, the body is unable to work properly and that leads to susceptibility to illnesses and body weakness and dizziness. These things are cropping up even more nowadays due to the increase in the amount of stress that people have in their lives. Most of the times the nerves and muscles are so tensed that the body cannot transcend from the phase of activeness to the phase of passiveness and the body ultimately cannot fall asleep. Initially the body tries and adapts to the notion of inadequate sleep and finally, the body gets used to it in turn for bad health and the person becomes insomniac.

Medication Vs CBD:

While medicines aim to make people fall asleep they do not aim at the reason behind the person not being able to sleep which is addressed by CBD. It helps the nerves and muscles regain its normal behavior and does not function like medication. When prolonged medication for sleep is taken the body becomes immune to it and the body fails to respond to it any more and the medicine becomes useless. But for CBD the body does not get immune to it and it restores the body to its natural state where the effects of CBD remains in spite of not consuming it. Thus it cures and it does not have to be taken for life and can be discontinued. It aims at the sleep and the immune system of the body. Once it is consumed it releases dopamine in the bloodstream and the person falls asleep easily. It does not only affect the sleep pattern and the body clock but also attacks stress and tension from the root cause such that even when it is not continued, its positive effects stay on. An average dosage of 20-25mg per night is enough to cure a person of insomnia.

Things to look for while buying CBD:

Before buying CBD it is very important to look at a few things like the source from which t has been made, the labs in which it has been tested. Other things like the method by which it has been extracted and the prices are very important. These things can help you distinguish between the real and the artificial thing. There is a probability of being duped as there is a huge buzz about CBD right now and due to the growing market a lot of grey market may arise that will try taking advantage of the demand. When buying the product one can check for it’s genuinely by checking the reviews on sites like where they not only post reviews but also write extremely informative articles and blogs like cbdforsure’s pick for sleep that will guide you to buy the right thing.

What’s in store for future?

The value of the CBD market in 2020 is expected to grow 7 times to 2.1 billion USD. CBD is speculated to help the addicts of drugs to control their craving. Currently, a study is being conducted to understand how CBD can help curb the nature and cravings of alcoholics. CBD is a type of cannabinoid which may in the future help with the cure of cancer. After a lot of controlled trials, CBD has come out as a cure for epilepsy with some syndromes. It has been used in drugs like Epidiolex, which has been effective in curing a few particular types of epilepsy to an extent. CBD is speculated to have anti-seizure effects where children having a hundred seizures a day has been partially cured by in taking CBD gum by mistake. Hence it promises a lot in the future and seems to be a drug that will be used a variety of medicines and cures.