The spare parts of cars for the oil filter are one of the most requested spare parts, but why is this? Although it may not seem like it, the oil filter is one of the most important parts in the maintenance of key elements such as the engine. In this article at 1960 nash metropolitan we reveal the importance of oil filters and we make some recommendations on the replacement and selection of car spare parts

What is the oil filter?

To understand what the oil filter is, the main thing is to know what the engine oil is since the function of the first one is directly related to that of the second one. The engine oil is a lubricating liquid that is mainly used to reduce the friction of the moving parts of the engine. In addition to lubricating, the engine oil is necessary to keep the engine parts in good condition and maintain a stable temperature. The filter is responsible for maintaining said lubricating oil free of impurities and particles harmful to the internal system of the vehicle. Why not look for parts at 1960 nash metropolitan.

How the oil filter works?

The oil filter has a simple operation and similar to any other filter located in the vehicle (such as the air conditioning filter). It is composed of a tube where two or more filtering layers of different thickness are housed: usually, one designed to trap the largest particles and another one to catch the smallest (and common) ones. In addition to these elements, the oil filters also consist of two valves: one to ensure that the oil continues to pass to the engine when the filter is clogged and another that prevents oil from remaining in the cartridge when the car is turned off. When the filter has been obstructed, a pilot lights up warning the driver of the fault in the system. Normally its design is cylindrical and porous, with a central cavity in which the particles are trapped and which is connected to a conduit through which the oil exits once filtered.

Types of an oil filter:

There are many varieties of filters for engine oil depending on the thickness of the layers that are inside the cartridge that makes up the main structure, the functionalities of the valves or the quality of the materials. They can be classified according to several criteria:

  • The filters can be manufactured in a single block that is completely replaced when the filter has become obsolete or by a system of multiple pieces in which the cartridge is maintained and the filter located inside is replaced.
  • The choice of one or the other depends mainly on our car model, whether it is diesel or gasoline and our own comfort.
  • Normally the filters were made with metallic materials. At present, there is an ecological variety built with elements that are more respectful of the environment.

When to change the oil filter

The maintenance of the oil filter is key to the care of the engine of our car since the blocking of it has a negative effect on the operation of one of the main parts of the vehicle. It is possible to clean the oil filter if the part is ready for it, although it is not recommended as it can be damaged and lose properties. The most usual is to look for spare parts for this piece well every 10,000 kilometres or whenever an oil change is made.

These can be of different severity: it is not the same for a puncture in a short transfer to our house to discover that smoke is beginning to emerge from the 1960 nash metropolitan. But regardless of the type of car and insurance you have or how you drive, no one is exempt from a breakdown at the wheel. Failures and breaks are the order of the day for all owners of a vehicle, therefore, it is important to face them with patience and perspective.

The parts of a car are spoiled with use, like those of a washing machine, refrigerator or any other technological device. Furthermore, since the increasing introduction of electrical components, the failures have multiplied considerably. When the time comes to face a piece of the damaged vehicle, the options that are proposed to solve the problem are two: fix the piece or replace it. At 1960 nash metropolitan recommend that you choose the most convenient for your safety if your mechanic can guarantee a safe and economical repair it is a perfectly valid choice.

In case you choose to change the piece you can choose between different alternatives to find car parts that adapt to the needs and characteristics of the same. These are your possible solutions to find car parts in case you want to renew your vehicle or simply replace a damaged part:

Official car spare parts

Probably, the first option that comes to mind when we consider replacing one piece of the car with another is to take the same to the dealer or a trustworthy workshop so that there diagnose the problem and change the old part for a new one. The main advantage is the comfort: we do not have to worry about anything else than to take the vehicle to the place in question and pick it up with all the faults solved. In addition, you will not have any problem with the compatibility between the official car parts and your vehicle. Faced with this, the fundamental disadvantage is the price of the new piece. Being official suppliers may be that the amount you have to spend is greater than with other options.

Car parts for sale

A cheaper option than the previous and more sustainable from the perspective of consumption is to access car spare parts that have already been used but are also in good condition for use. We can find this type of pieces in two different ways: private or authorized places.

Buying pieces to private individuals may seem an interesting option since there is the possibility of negotiating the price and some conditions to the delivery. Although, on the other hand, we have the lack of guarantees on the product that we are acquiring! Obtaining spare parts from an individual we do not have any certification that the piece is in the state that we have been promised, and we may have problems when returning it in case of not being satisfied. Also, if we have an accident and our car has this type of parts we can have a problem with insurance.