I was little and wanted to be a superhero, to have powers, to be observed and admired. People would then listen to what I said and I could protect them, make a group and a community. Childhood dreams are far removed from this reality and this present, in which power is obtained with money, fame, or a “political bone”.

Today’s politicians are all rock stars, the masses flock to see them (even if they hate them). They appear on television and flood social networks with spots. Those who are of the first level (candidates for the presidency) improve their image, ride in large trucks, and always with escorts.

They become guru, reference, or the most hated person in a whole country, but they are always talked about. Their need to become an example and always be in the spotlight demands the collaboration of a group of professionals who can enhance the figure of that “simple mortal.”

And as is our custom, here is a list of some of them.

1.- Marketing and advertising professional

“We all know who we would be better off with” and without saying the name, the phrase refers us to a person. The expert in this area is in charge of entering the unconscious of the people through a phrase, a sound, even an image so that they never forget the name of the politician or the proposal that he promotes. It is your strategist in the various media that are exploited today.

2.- Bachelor or Master in Political Science

He is in charge of the strategy of funds and forms. The one who recommends giving a certain speech to unions. A very different one to peasants, and a more casual one to young people. He cares about the alliances inside and outside the party that the politician must achieve. It is the source of demagoguery.

3.- Economist

The question of money, as we said before, is essential at all times. Therefore, the politician must be well advised on the economic factor. Because in case of being a contender for a command post, he needs to give solid proposals in this matter.

4.- Communicologist

Responsible for being the link between the politician and the media, organizing their conferences, press conferences, putting together the information bulletins, and in some cases writing the speeches or complementing the marketing area, as the person who gives the concept or the line of what you want to communicate and the advertising will capture it graphically.

5.- Linguist

Many politicians skip this profession and spend it giving “other people’s pain”. They cannot spin more than three ideas in a row, they have bad diction or their vocabulary is very poor and colloquial. Have someone explain that every word counts.

6.- Image advisor

Exalting the best personality and physique traits of politicians should not be easy at all, the challenge of an image consultant is to make the person in question project pleasant sensations for the audience, practically at every step, in every gesture. Through his clothing, his gestures, his way of standing and speaking, among other aspects.

It is election season, the candidates are at the table. Do you want to be part of that circle, which of the above is your strong suit?